Thursday Thoughts V. 7.

Happy Thursday!

It’s almost the weekend!!! And I am here for it! The hubby and I are headed up north for a couple days this weekend for me to do some work and to get away a little bit. It feels like summer is almost over and while I do love fall, I’m just not ready yet!

So until I need to wear a sweater outside, I’m going to continue sipping on rose, eating peaches over the sink, and deepening my flip flop tan lines. My husband starts classes again soon, so while I’ll have more time to work on blog stuff, I’m really going to miss our evenings together. Comment below with your favorite end-of-summer activity!


Farmer’s Market Finds

I absolutely adore farmer’s markets during the summertime! The friendly faces, tables overflowing with summer produce, early morning fog, and often fresh coffee. My husband and I love going to the farmer’s market in Grand Haven and I love the Fulton Street market too. Since the peak market weeks are slowing down, I thought that I’d write a little guide to some of the best things I picked up last weekend and what to do with them.


Yellow squash and zucchini: Squash and zucchini are two of my favorite vegetables to pick up for a side for dinner, so easy to dice and saute with some dried herbs. Also, you can slice them thin and layer them in a baking dish with a can of dice tomatoes Ratatouille-style. Or grill it!

Peaches: I absolutely adore Michigan summer peaches! They are so good, never been refrigerated, you bite in and the juice just explodes and runs down your arms. I hardly ever cook summer peaches and I prefer to eat them spur of the moment, standing over the sink, juice dripping down my face. But if you want me to cook them, I prefer to grill them and eat them warm with ice cold vanilla ice cream.


Blueberries, raspberries, and blueberries: Berries this time of year are so delicious! Blend them up in a smoothie or a daquiri, or let them burst on your morning oatmeal with a bit of brown sugar, or better yet, toss them with some flour and top with your favorite crisp recipe and bake until bubbling.

Kale: Shred finely and toss with parmesan and caesar dressing, or saute lightly. Or enjoy it raw in this salad!

Basil: Chiffonade this finely and top literally every dish with it! Use the finer leaves for fresh applications and use the sturdier, larger leaves for pestos and sauces.


Tomatoes: Summer is synonomous with fantastic tomatoes, especially Heirloom varieties. I was able to find some really great ones this week, not that I can tell you what the name of their variety is, but I can tell you that they were delicious and actually tasted like tomatoes.

Apricots: I might be alone in this, but I love fresh apricots. Don’t get me wrong, I also like dried ones. But there’s just something about the slightly bitter flavor at the end of biting into a juicy apricot that is so much better! Enjoy these raw, or make an apricot jam to preserve the flavor well past summer.

Plums: I picked up these plums because I’ve never heard of them before and then I promptly forgot their name. If you know what they are, please pass that information along!

Deep Maroon Baby Blanket

The featured Etsy listing this month is fairly new! I’m so excited to share this blanket, its so gorgeous and the yarn is so soft. If you’re new around here, I have an Etsy shop called Simply Woven Warmth that I share one of a kind, handmade creations to keep you and your loved ones cozy. Feel free to check it out here! —>

This adorable blanket measure 18 inches by 18 inches and is handmade with super soft polyester yarn. It’s available to purchase here! —>

I’d love to hear what you think! Please comment below or shoot me a message!

Thursday Thoughts V. 6.

I’m so excited that we are back! And in time to enjoy the last couple of weeks of summer! Kevin and I have been intentionally taking advantage of our summer. And while it feels like every single weekend is booked, we have still found time to relax and enjoy our matching work schedules. We have played a ton of golf, grilled out plenty, and gotten sun burnt a few too many times. And of course, we have gotten a lot of ice cream.

We’ve also been working our butts off! I started a new job a couple months ago and I’ve also been working a ton on this blog. Writing, photgraphing, and creating recipes for this site is my favorite hobby. I have so many great things coming your way and big dreams for this corner of the internet. Just wait until next year! You should probably make sure that you are connected with me so that you can read the posts as soon as they are live! So first, you can follow my blog on WordPress. I think that it gives you a notfication everytime I post. Next up, I use Instagram the most in terms of social media outlets. Be sure to follow me @mpunches23 to see exclusive behind the scenes footage and a lot of other content. I also post on my feed with every post. I also post to Facebook and Twitter. For Facebook, be sure to like my page called Nutmeg Blog and for Twittier, follow me @NutmegsBlog. Also, thanks for reading!

Thursday Thoughts V. 5.

Happy Thursday! 

I’ve been on a suedo-spring break this week, although it feels like it’s way to early in the year for anything named ‘spring.’ 

I was able to attend a book signing at Forever Books on Tuesday, for a book from my 2019 Reading List Having never been to a book signing before, I was a bit in the dark as to what was going to take place.  My mom and I made a girls night out of it, starting with a great dinner at Ryebelles and then heading over to the bookstore.  The book signing itself started out with drinks and appetizers and the crowd mingled a bit, then the author introduced herself and read an excerpt from the novel, and then we did a bit of a Q&A session.  Afterwards, we were able to meet her and chat for a bit while she signed our books.  I was majorly ‘fangirling!’

Last weekend, we spent a couple days in South Haven to celebrate my younger brothers 23rd birthday.  I cannot believe he is that old already!  We went to Oddside Ales after dinner, and we discovered that my mom is really good at playing darts.  And that I am not good at all. 

Currently Reading:

  • The Clockmaker’s Daughter
  • Girl, Wash your Face
  • The Care and Feeding of Ravenously Hungry Girls on deck

Thursday Thoughts V. 4.

Photography by Allyson Regan

This winter weather is just not letting up! But I’m almost okay with it. I love snow and I look forward to winter all year long. Even with the bitter cold, power outages, and ice storms, I still stare in awe when that perfect snow fall takes place. Almost like its in slow motion, especially in the early morning hours. Plus, I’m obsessed with this hot chocolate recipe from Robyn Holland. So cozy!

Has anyone else discovered Schitt’s Creek? I just started watching this show a week or two ago and it’s so funny! I’m also embarrassed to admit this, but I’ve been addicted to watching the Masked Singer. I watch it seriously every week. And even though Neil Patrick Harris tweeted that he isn’t the peacock, I don’t believe him. It has to be him! Feel free to share your guesses in the comments! Also, if you’re looking for something to watch on WZZM this Sunday before the Oscars, check out the last episode with Cooking with Angus Here! I’ll be posting a behind the scenes blog post next week!

In other news, Ally and I had a great shoot on Monday and I can’t wait to share three new recipe with you all! I want to be very intentional about the accuracy of the recipes I post on here because I want you to be able to easily make them and enjoy them at home. There’s nothing more irritating than finding a gorgeous picture of a new recipe online, scrolling through a story about someone’s dog, just to find out that their recipe doesn’t even work out. Also, if you ever try my recipe and find an issue, please let me know! I test these recipes multiple times, but details can slip through the cracks.

Do you ever feel like something good is about to happen? I just have this feeling that the future is holding an exciting opportunity for me and I can’t wait! I’ve been feeling stuck for the past couple months and hopefully I can now break out of this rut. So here’s to looking for the good everyday and to new opportunities!

Thursday Thoughts V. 3.

Photography by Allyson Regan

Happy Valentine’s Day lovely readers! I hope that your snowy Thursday is filled with love, laughter, and hopefully not too many sweets. Isn’t it crazy how many treats just pop up on holidays like today? If you find yourself craving some amazing cookies though, try making these beauties today for your Valentine! I don’t usually get really into Valentine’s Day, mostly because I like to love on my husband and family/friends year round, but I’m definitely into the whole Leslie Knope-Galentine’s-making it a holiday-type of thing that happening on social media. Yay women lifting up other women!

So I’ve been started training recently for a 5k run. Last year, my husband, mom and dad, sister and brother in law all ran in the Irish Jig 5k and we had a blast! But after the run, I really struggled to stay motivated to actually get my butt to the gym and run. So I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to just keep signing up for races to keep myself motivated. And this works perfectly for one of my resolutions this year, to run a 10k, which I’ve never done before. Also, one of my life goals is to run a marathon but that feels way too crazy for 2019. Maybe 2020. Anyways, we are all running in the Irish Jig this year and I can’t wait! It’s seriously so fun and there’s so many people that run in it. You should totally sign up too! Yay free shirts!

Our second winter storm has hit good old Grand Rapids. Hopefully we won’t lose power this time! It’s supposed to warm up today to almost 40 and then drop below freezing so we might be seeing some more awesome ice photos from around Michigan. I’m looking forward to staying inside with my fuzzy slippers and playing Sushi-Go with my husband until the storm passes. If you haven’t played this game yet, seriously go get it. It’s so fun!

I’ve been really into podcasts recently (I forget now if I brought this up last week…) but I would love to hear what your favorite podcasts are! Please comment below because I would love to check them out. I also always am on the lookout for new books to read, but my stack is growing taller everyday so those might just get plugged into my amazon wish list. Speaking of books, be on the lookout for a book review for the Bee Keeper’s Lament in the next couple of days! I hope your day is filled with love!

Thursday Thoughts V. 2.

Photography by Allyson Regan

We made it! Made it through January that is. While it’s still cold outside, we did get a little taste of spring in the last week. The temperatures actually almost reached the 50s! The sun was shining, I got to run outside on dry pavement, snow was melting, I considered bathing suit shopping, grass was visible, and I think I even heard birds chirping. And then it dipped below freezing and everything froze, like mid melt frozen. Currently, everything is covered in a thin layer of ice, which, while it’s incredibly gorgeous, it’s a bit of a pain. Also, our power is out and it looks like it won’t be on again until Sunday.

This crazy weather is pushing me inside and I’ve been really trying to avoid getting sick this past week. It seems like everyone at work is coming down with some kind of sickness and I’m not about that life. I absolutely hate being sick. I have some tried and true tricks that help me personally avoid getting sick. I try to drink tea, especially echinacea tea, which helps to naturally boost your immune system. They also make echinacea supplement pills but I hate the flavor of those and its quite a big pill to swallow. I also try to make sure I get as much sleep as I possibly can. Naps on repeat. Adding in nutrient packed juices is something I’ve recently started trying out and it’s worked so far. Every time I got sick growing up, my parents insisted it was due to a lack of regular exercise. My parents are big believers in sweating out a cold or sickness. So sticking to a workout regime is something I want to do in the new year to help out my immune system and to feel healthier all around.

I’m almost done with Michelle Obama’s book, Becomingand I can’t wait to share how much I love it! So so good!