Farmer’s Market Finds

I absolutely adore farmer’s markets during the summertime! The friendly faces, tables overflowing with summer produce, early morning fog, and often fresh coffee. My husband and I love going to the farmer’s market in Grand Haven and I love the Fulton Street market too. Since the peak market weeks are slowing down, I thought that I’d write a little guide to some of the best things I picked up last weekend and what to do with them.


Yellow squash and zucchini: Squash and zucchini are two of my favorite vegetables to pick up for a side for dinner, so easy to dice and saute with some dried herbs. Also, you can slice them thin and layer them in a baking dish with a can of dice tomatoes Ratatouille-style. Or grill it!

Peaches: I absolutely adore Michigan summer peaches! They are so good, never been refrigerated, you bite in and the juice just explodes and runs down your arms. I hardly ever cook summer peaches and I prefer to eat them spur of the moment, standing over the sink, juice dripping down my face. But if you want me to cook them, I prefer to grill them and eat them warm with ice cold vanilla ice cream.


Blueberries, raspberries, and blueberries: Berries this time of year are so delicious! Blend them up in a smoothie or a daquiri, or let them burst on your morning oatmeal with a bit of brown sugar, or better yet, toss them with some flour and top with your favorite crisp recipe and bake until bubbling.

Kale: Shred finely and toss with parmesan and caesar dressing, or saute lightly. Or enjoy it raw in this salad!

Basil: Chiffonade this finely and top literally every dish with it! Use the finer leaves for fresh applications and use the sturdier, larger leaves for pestos and sauces.


Tomatoes: Summer is synonomous with fantastic tomatoes, especially Heirloom varieties. I was able to find some really great ones this week, not that I can tell you what the name of their variety is, but I can tell you that they were delicious and actually tasted like tomatoes.

Apricots: I might be alone in this, but I love fresh apricots. Don’t get me wrong, I also like dried ones. But there’s just something about the slightly bitter flavor at the end of biting into a juicy apricot that is so much better! Enjoy these raw, or make an apricot jam to preserve the flavor well past summer.

Plums: I picked up these plums because I’ve never heard of them before and then I promptly forgot their name. If you know what they are, please pass that information along!


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