Thursday Thoughts V. 6.

I’m so excited that we are back! And in time to enjoy the last couple of weeks of summer! Kevin and I have been intentionally taking advantage of our summer. And while it feels like every single weekend is booked, we have still found time to relax and enjoy our matching work schedules. We have played a ton of golf, grilled out plenty, and gotten sun burnt a few too many times. And of course, we have gotten a lot of ice cream.

We’ve also been working our butts off! I started a new job a couple months ago and I’ve also been working a ton on this blog. Writing, photgraphing, and creating recipes for this site is my favorite hobby. I have so many great things coming your way and big dreams for this corner of the internet. Just wait until next year! You should probably make sure that you are connected with me so that you can read the posts as soon as they are live! So first, you can follow my blog on WordPress. I think that it gives you a notfication everytime I post. Next up, I use Instagram the most in terms of social media outlets. Be sure to follow me @mpunches23 to see exclusive behind the scenes footage and a lot of other content. I also post on my feed with every post. I also post to Facebook and Twitter. For Facebook, be sure to like my page called Nutmeg Blog and for Twittier, follow me @NutmegsBlog. Also, thanks for reading!


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