Thursday Thoughts V. 5.

Happy Thursday! 

I’ve been on a suedo-spring break this week, although it feels like it’s way to early in the year for anything named ‘spring.’ 

I was able to attend a book signing at Forever Books on Tuesday, for a book from my 2019 Reading List Having never been to a book signing before, I was a bit in the dark as to what was going to take place.  My mom and I made a girls night out of it, starting with a great dinner at Ryebelles and then heading over to the bookstore.  The book signing itself started out with drinks and appetizers and the crowd mingled a bit, then the author introduced herself and read an excerpt from the novel, and then we did a bit of a Q&A session.  Afterwards, we were able to meet her and chat for a bit while she signed our books.  I was majorly ‘fangirling!’

Last weekend, we spent a couple days in South Haven to celebrate my younger brothers 23rd birthday.  I cannot believe he is that old already!  We went to Oddside Ales after dinner, and we discovered that my mom is really good at playing darts.  And that I am not good at all. 

Currently Reading:

  • The Clockmaker’s Daughter
  • Girl, Wash your Face
  • The Care and Feeding of Ravenously Hungry Girls on deck

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