Thursday Thoughts V. 4.

Photography by Allyson Regan

This winter weather is just not letting up! But I’m almost okay with it. I love snow and I look forward to winter all year long. Even with the bitter cold, power outages, and ice storms, I still stare in awe when that perfect snow fall takes place. Almost like its in slow motion, especially in the early morning hours. Plus, I’m obsessed with this hot chocolate recipe from Robyn Holland. So cozy!

Has anyone else discovered Schitt’s Creek? I just started watching this show a week or two ago and it’s so funny! I’m also embarrassed to admit this, but I’ve been addicted to watching the Masked Singer. I watch it seriously every week. And even though Neil Patrick Harris tweeted that he isn’t the peacock, I don’t believe him. It has to be him! Feel free to share your guesses in the comments! Also, if you’re looking for something to watch on WZZM this Sunday before the Oscars, check out the last episode with Cooking with Angus Here! I’ll be posting a behind the scenes blog post next week!

In other news, Ally and I had a great shoot on Monday and I can’t wait to share three new recipe with you all! I want to be very intentional about the accuracy of the recipes I post on here because I want you to be able to easily make them and enjoy them at home. There’s nothing more irritating than finding a gorgeous picture of a new recipe online, scrolling through a story about someone’s dog, just to find out that their recipe doesn’t even work out. Also, if you ever try my recipe and find an issue, please let me know! I test these recipes multiple times, but details can slip through the cracks.

Do you ever feel like something good is about to happen? I just have this feeling that the future is holding an exciting opportunity for me and I can’t wait! I’ve been feeling stuck for the past couple months and hopefully I can now break out of this rut. So here’s to looking for the good everyday and to new opportunities!


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